Only 1/2 came out good but there ya go :V

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Palm size Animal Crossing items!
What item do you think is next?

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What a magnificent creature

Was the hairiness really necessary!?


forgot to buy my sister a birthday present so i said i’d draw her a present instead……….

i had way too much fun omg

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Omg I haven’t played acnl in like a month. Does anyone want to play with me? My FC is on my blog, once you add me then message me yours so we can be friends :)


Some single-tile paths! They go best in grassy areas IMO, but use them as you like!

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Good afternoon everyone!

I am very excited to share that the dream of Myrtille has finally been updated!!! I have been re-modelling the town for the past month and I’d love to get some opinions on it!

Almost every aspect of the town has changed with new paths, villagers, flowers, projects, and more! = D There are lots of goodies left around the town and many sights to see!

Sincerely hope you all get the chance to drop by in your free time. If you happen to take any pictures it’d be great if you could tag our URL : ymirtille. I absolutely love seeing em’ ! = D

Last note, the sky was quite a magnificent sight when I updated the dream (hinthintwinkwink)

So do visit and check it out! Thanks for reading ! ~    = 3

Dream Address: 5900-2159-8876

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Nintendo DS Micro

Made Leighton McDonald


For this project, I’m redesinging the Nintendo 2DS. Some features will be stripped, like the 3D cameras at the back, for size reduction and pricing goals. I want to make this the Gameboy Micro of the DS family. It’s smaller than a Galaxy Note 2, but large enough for pleasent sized screens; making it the most pocketable DS on the market. “

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*Getting a 3ds for the first time* WoW!!! 3D!! *10 Minutes later* *Turns down depth slider forever*

I love shrunk. He is a father with a failed dream and hard work life. If you talk to him at the coffee shop, he talks about how he and his kids thank you, the mayor, for allowing him to build a club. I IMAGINE that he lives in another town and has a long commute. he barely arrives home to see his kids off to school. He is too tired for breakfast so he just takes a nap and commutes back into your town. When you give him a snack for a joke, that is the first time he has food all day

Well now I feel obligated to give him food every day

The reason I love role playing games so much is it helps me to forget the real world going on around me.